GNBC Date Change

Hey guys, before it got to be too much later, I wanted to send you all a quick note letting you know that I’m going to need to push back the date of our next discussion for the GeekyNerdy Book Club. Work is an absolutely mess right now (I have at least five projects due before or by the end of the month), the Mysterious Mr. C and I are moving at the end of the month, and we have an out-of-town wedding the weekend we’re moving too! Essentially, there’s a lot going on right now and I barely have the energy to eat dinner when I get home at night, let alone finish reading our latest selection! As such, I’m giving all of us an extra month and will post my thoughts on Jill Lepore’s The Secret History of Wonder Woman on Thursday, October 6.

I really do apologize for the delay – I just wasn’t expecting this month to be so crazy! Hopefully life is a little less hectic wherever you are and I will see you in October!

GNBC: Leviathan Wakes



Okay, let me start this third post in the GeekyNerdy Book Club by saying that I’ve really enjoyed all three of the books we’ve read so far. Each one has been very different from the last, which has helped keep things interesting. That said, Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey was a real trip!

First of all, it took me a little while to get into the swing of things and I actually had to restart it after I took a quick break to read Masque, a breezy retelling of Beauty and the Beast (thanks for the recommendation Mei-Mei!). Read More

Batman: The Killing Joke (Graphic Novel)

DC Comics

DC Comics

Warning: This post discusses some graphic material and there are spoilers, so proceed at your own risk!

When it comes to comic books/graphic novels starring Gotham’s caped crusader, two of the most iconic are Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (1986) and Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke (1988). Miller’s treatment has already made it to the big screen (in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy), and Moore’s work will be joining his shortly, albeit in an animated format.  Read More

Be Kind. No Exceptions.

Quotable Cards

Quotable Cards

As I got back into the blogging swing of things this week, I started compiling a list of fun links for today’s Nerd Alert. Yet after all of the events that have occurred over the past few days, my heart’s just not in it at the moment. The senseless loss of life and the divisions that I’ve seen appearing on my social media feeds have really gotten to me. So I’m going to take a break and unplug this weekend. I’m going to do what past therapists have recommended and focus on some self-care and, hopefully, return to some sort of equilibrium. I’m going to hug my husband close and tell the people I care about that I love them. And I’m going to take a page from my friend Secret Agent L and be kind, no exceptions.

“I Know My Value”

The most memorable line to come out of ABC’s short-lived Marvel’s Agent Carter occurred in the first season finale. Strategic Scientific Reserve agent-extraordinaire Peggy Carter has just saved the day (again), and her male colleagues have taken the credit for her actions (again!). Witnessing this, a more enlightened male agent asks Peggy how she can stand it and she simply responds: “I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”  Read More