iNotInLove… Yet

Two weeks ago, after months, if not years, of deliberation and indecision, the Mysterious Mr. C and I decided to trade in our respective Droid devices for shiny new iPhones. But while he has been fairly happy with his new 5s (he rarely puts it down), I have been less thrilled with my 5c. In fact, this has been some of the worst buyer’s remorse that I have ever experienced!

While the phone itself has been fine, this operating system has been a bear to get used to and it has induced all kinds of apoplectic fits that make C look at me like I’m legitimately crazy. 

For starters, I hate that there is no “close” button on any of the application screens. Yes, I (now) know that you can double-click the home button and close the apps by swiping up, but I feel like I’m going to break the button every time I do that.

Secondly, when I added my work email, I was asked me if I wanted to get rid of the duplicate contacts as Verizon had already migrated everything over from my old phone. I said yes, thinking I would keep what was already on my phone. Instead, all of the contact information was wiped out! Now I have hundreds of phone numbers and email addresses listed, but no idea who they belong to. To make matters worse, my iCloud doesn’t seem to be recognizing the list I do have, making it more likely that I’ll have to do a lot of updating on my phone, instead of on a computer.

On top of all of this is the sheer panic of trying to navigate the Apple app store. I know that there are hundreds of thousands of apps that can do all kinds of things to make my life easier, but there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of apps! Just thinking about it now makes me anxious. As such, my phone is relatively devoid of any extras, meaning I’m not utilizing my phone’s full potential, according to the oh so helpful Geniuses.

My experiences have painfully reminded me of a Washington Post article I read just days before we got our phones that noted that as the phones get more sophisticated, users can barely keep up: “For many of them, smartphones are confounding and intimidating, and they often wind up just using the phones as expensive cameras that can make calls.” While I understand the desire to keep making the technology better, it would be nice if the devices actually came with a bit of a set-up guide. My 5c came with a card that pointed out the power and volume buttons, and that was about it.

I’m sure I will eventually get used to my new phone and perhaps even enjoy it – though I will never be as crazy about Apple products as some people – but for now, I’m spending my evenings curled up on the couch with My iPhone, Seventh Edition and A Newbie’s Guide to iOS 7, two gifts courtesy of C, trying to figure out how to use this lovely piece of… hardware.

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