The Importance of Having a Queue

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while, you know that I launched it with the best of intentions, but not necessarily the best game plan for moving forward. It took me some time to figure out the site’s look (I still need to create sub-pages for things!) and months to get into a good posting rhythm. 

While I still think I’m doing a pretty good job of meeting my New Year’s goal of posting more, there have been times when I haven’t quite adhered to my Wednesday/Saturday schedule and this is the first week that I’ve actually missed a post. We were short-staffed at work, there were a number of time-consuming projects due, and C got sick… in short, as much as I wanted to publish something for you guys, I just didn’t have the energy to get all of the moving parts into place.

And as I sat on my couch Wednesday evening, beating myself up for not putting something together in time, I realized the importance of having a queue. (I became aware of it again last night when C informed me that 300: Rise of an Empire, which I have been dying to see and review, is already out in theaters).

Though I’ve read posts from other bloggers about the kinds of publishing queues they maintain (often two weeks out), I always thought that would become more important if/when I started posting on a daily basis. Since I only post twice week, I thought I was doing just fine flying by the seat of my pants. Boy, was I wrong!

I mean, I have a notebook where I jot my ideas down, but I never actually sketched out when I wanted to publish certain posts. Which is a bit ironic considering the fact that I keep pretty detailed schedules/to-do lists in all other aspects of my life!

So today, I wrote out my first real publishing queue and you know what, I’ve got about three weeks’ worth of content figured out! I also discovered that I needed to move some things around so I could match my movie reviews to the films’ opening weekends. Presumably, that’s when you would most want to hear my thoughts, right?!

Additionally, since I have had a few days where I’ve scrambled to put posts together, I figure keeping a regular queue will help me stay focused on what I need to do to make sure I have posts ready to go for you! After all, I do have a separate full-time job and having a better sense of what I’ll need to read, go see, etc. will ensure that I budget my time a little more effectively and keep the fun stuff coming!

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