He Put a Ring On It!!

If you were following along with Robot Week last week, you likely noticed that Geeky Musings was dark on Tuesday night. While I certainly had a post planned for that evening, it was preempted by some pretty big doings here in the Geeky Nerdy household: The Mysterious Mr. C proposed!!!

As I have mentioned on this blog before, C and I have talked about getting married for a long time (we’ve been together a little over two years), so I knew we were headed in that direction, but I was completely surprised by the proposal… sort of. 

I mean, I thought it might be happening when C texted me that afternoon to tell me that he had to stay late for a work meeting. That never happens and as we had just had a conversation about how he could get a ring without me knowing (one example was saying he had to stay late for work), it seemed a little suspicious to me. But when C picked me up from the Metro and started telling me all about his meeting, I thought to myself: “Silly girl, he really just had to stay late at work!”

Then when we got home and I sat down to take off my shoes, he asked me to stand up. Again, it seemed a bit formal and weird for him, so I thought “Maybe this is it?,” but he claimed all he wanted was a hug. He then rested his forehead on mine and said, “I’ve been trying to think of a way to make this perfect, but nothing is more perfect than just us, just here.” As I started to freak out a little bit, he got down on one knee, pulled a box out of his pocket, and opened it up to reveal the most stunning ring I had ever seen! (The picture above really doesn’t do it justice; it is so ridiculously sparkly!) It took me about two seconds to say “YES!,” and then we spent about ten minutes just smiling at each other and jumping around the apartment.

We wanted to do something to celebrate, so we walked down the street for some pizza and ice cream (I know, we’re super fancy over here!). As we walked into the restaurant, Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” started playing. It was just too perfect, and then it was followed by about four or five love songs. It almost seemed as if C had planned it, but it was just a delightful quirk of fate. (It also helped us decide that “Celebration” will most definitely be played at the reception.)

Afterwards, we came home and made the requisite phone calls to our parents, sent text messages to friends, and switched our relationship statuses on Facebook (you know that’s what really made it official!). We immediately started seeing all of the likes and well wishes come in and it just added to the excitement of the whole thing!

So while I’m a little disappointed that my first week-long series didn’t quite go as planned, I feel entirely comfortable saying that it was for a very good reason!!

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