Unsung Heroes

It struck me the other day, as the Mysterious Mr. C and I were doing a photo shoot for an upcoming post on Pittsburgh’s Mt. Washington, that significant others really are the unsung heroes of the blogging world. While I’m sure this is particularly true when it comes to fashion blogs, where they are often the ones photographing their stylish partners, C has looked at tons of blog themes – and all of the requisite customizations that come with them, listened patiently as I bounced different post ideas off of him, and endured movies I’m sure he’d rather not have, just so I would have something to write about. 

If you were to ask him, C would likely say that none of this is that big of a deal, that he is happy to support me in any venture I may try, but still… I know he has put up with a lot. There have been a number of late-night editing requests, and countless questions about what photos I should use, which side of the post they should go on, and what size looks best. There have also been several one-sided conversations about what I’m trying to do with my Geeky Musings, and what direction they should go in.

Luckily, C and I share many of the same geeky nerdy tendencies – indeed, it’s what brought us together – so going to see the latest Marvel film, for instance, isn’t that much of an ask. In fact, he has often served as my guide, explaining the complicated backstories of the characters, and providing comparisons between the comic books/graphic novels and the movies/television shows they have been turned into. But I am very thankful that he has been just as willing to go see early screenings of the Hunger Games’ films (he actually power-read the series one weekend before we started dating so we could have something to talk about) and check out local comic cons with me.

While I have thanked C at least once a day for his unwavering support, as he suggested different poses for me to try that windy Sunday in Pittsburgh, I realized that it could never actually be said enough. Like hundreds of other boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and general family members out there watching movies, trying recipes, and photographing D.I.Y. projects, C lets me be the creative, free spirit that I want to be. Simply put, he is my hero, and he deserves a little more singing about it.

One thought on “Unsung Heroes

  1. So true! My husband was so supportive of my blogging from the start…I think the domain for my blog was a Valentine’s Day gift from him several years ago hehe. I’m always asking him which photos to use for the Weekly Photo Challenge, and he always has really good advice 🙂 We bloggers really owe our other halves a lot!

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