Washington is certainly not as fashionable as, say, New York, London, or Paris, but it is getting there. Okay, maybe it has a little ways to go, but I work with some very stylish ladies and they are constantly inspiring me to up my game. My officemate M is one such individual and she has been putting together some ridiculously cute outfits lately! One number she wore a couple of weeks ago was the perfect combination of high-low pieces: a white bouclé jacket, a forest green graphic tee, and a pair of black skinny pants.

While I can’t quite pull that look off at the office just yet – I don’t have the right wardrobe – I did put my own geekynerdy spin on it a few weeks ago when the Mysterious Mr. C and I were back in Pittsburgh. As the backdrop for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, I figured it was as good a spot as any to show off my new Batman tee!

I’d love to know, what are some of your favorite geekynerdy combos?




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  1. That so cute! I kind of do the same thing sometimes: I’ll wear a geeky t-shirt (usually Batman, Doctor Who, etc.) with a cardigan with the sleeves pushed up and black skinny jeans. 🙂


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