It may not seem like it, due to my complete lack of seasonal posts, but October is my favorite month of the year, and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. In fact, the Mysterious Mr. C and I are getting married on Halloween next year (at a historic mansion with paranormal tours no less)!! 

But while I have a ton of fun fall memories – going to the pumpkin patch with my parents, decorating the house for trick-or-treaters, and snagging ridiculous amounts of candy myself – I’ve always wondered about the kids who live in our apartment building. To be sure, there are plenty of places around us where you can go apple and pumpkin picking, but Halloween never quite felt the same. Our hallways don’t boast the same decorations as some neighborhoods, and while our building does do its own form of trick-or-treating, the approved door hangers always seemed to be few and far between. This year, however, I was determined to turn things around and make our end of the hall a little spookier!

To start, C and I got some spider webs at Party City and draped those along the walls leading to our doorway. Then, I cut out some black construction paper bats (an old GeekyNerdy family staple) and hung those on the ceiling over our door. Lastly, I found a really cute little felt mummy (also from Party City) and attached him to our doorknocker. Though I wasn’t sure what kind of impact it would have, I took comfort in the fact that our decorations made me smile, and that you could see them from the elevator at the other end of the hall.

Just Keep Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

Tonight, I got home early from work, put together a quick witch costume and waited for trick-or-treaters. I wasn’t sure if any would come, but shortly after the witching hour began, I could hear running down the hall, some oohs and ahhs over the bats, and there was a small “Eep!” when someone saw the spider tangled in the web.

We still have a few hours to go, but even if C and I don’t get any more trick-or-treaters, I’m considering the night a big win. The kids, dressed up as fairies, giraffes, Iron Man, and Bat Girl, have been enjoying the decorations and the candy (apparently I’m one of the few people giving out chocolate?!), which is really all I wanted. Having the parents love the decorations too has just been an added bonus!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


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