Nerd Alert

As I mentioned earlier this week, the Mysterious Mr. C and I have been brainstorming some new content ideas to help keep things interesting for you as a reader, and for me as a blogger! Since I often come across some really fun links online, I thought creating a weekly roundup would be a good way to share them with you. And so, I bring you the “Nerd Alert.” I hope you enjoy!

1. Since it’s Easter weekend, I’ve got to start with one of my favorite D.C. traditions, the Washington Post’s Peeps Show. Each year people submit dioramas that are predominantly made out of Peeps candy, and it is so much fun to see what they come up with! Here are the Top 50 submissions.

2. I’m sure most of you have played PacMaps by now, but it never really gets old. Though Google added it to their Maps feature on April Fools’ Day, hopefully they’ll keep it up as a permanent option!

3. I discovered the game Google Feud a week or so ago, but C and I are still having fun testing our knowledge, or at least trying to guess what people might search for. Just a warning though, it is highly addictive!

4. Do you wish Cookie Monster was your Life Coach? After watching this video, I do too! And he’s very right, there are few things in life a cookie can’t fix.

5. Though black and white photos can often be more poignant than color ones, there are times that they can be a bit creepy too. And once you add in characters from popular horror movies, well, it’s just about game over!

6. I’m a sucker for faux movie trailers and this modern take on Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of the best I’ve seen (My other favorites are this scary version of Mrs. Doubtfire and this feel-good take on The Shining.)

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