Age of Ultron Nail Art

At long last, The Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere day is finally here!!! The Mysterious Mr. C and I have been talking about this movie for quite awhile now, and we will be seeing it tonight with some of our friends – also Marvel fans – as they celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary! I have been trying really hard to avoid reading reviews of the film – so I don’t color my own impressions – but based on the articles’ titles, it sounds like it should be a pretty good show. 

Yet as eager as I am to watch Ultron, I have to laugh at myself a little bit too. Several years ago, when I saw the first Avengers movie, I wasn’t all that impressed. Sure, the action looked cool, but I didn’t really understand the hype or know the characters because, outside of the Iron Man movies, I hadn’t seen any of the related films. As such, I didn’t have a good grasp on the Marvel Cinematic Universe or an appreciation for how everything tied together. Now, thanks to C’s dogged efforts, I am fully caught up (indoctrinated?) and can’t wait to see how Ultron plays out!

For this evening’s premiere, C and I have our Captain America t-shirts to wear, but I also thought it would be a fun excuse to try out some Ultron-themed nail art! Using a close-up photo of the eponymous robot as inspiration, I painted my nails with a coral color, created some designs with striping tape that mimicked a few of Ultron’s details (and the Avengers’ “A”), and topped everything off with a silver polish to give it that metallic look. While the silver paint was a little runnier than I was expecting and the tape didn’t pull off as cleanly as last time, I am still really happy with the results!

Marvel / Hot Toys Collectibles

Colors Used: Essie e-nuf is e-nuf and China Glaze Hook and Line.

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