Nerd Alert

After last week’s Marvel-heavy “Nerd Alert,” things are a bit more diverse this time around. From childhood games and television shows to modern-day maps of fictional places, here are the links that made me smile most! 

1. My favorite link from this week was a video I saw on my Facebook News Feed of British caravaners playing a human version of Milton Bradley’s “Hungry Hungry Hippos.” While the method of play was a little more low-tech than this other popular rendition, it looked like even more fun! It took me forever to re-find the link, but hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did!!

2. Growing up in the 1990s, Batman: The Animated Series was one of my cartoon mainstays. Even today, when I picture the different characters of Gotham, they look the way animator Bruce Timm drew them. So, like many other Batman: TAS devotees, I geeked out when this fan-made trailer for Batman v. Superman started making the rounds on the Internet. It’s done in the same style as the television show and brings back so many fun memories from my childhood.

3/4. I know you guys may be a bit Age of Ultron-ed out at this point, but since I’m a sucker for “Which Superhero/Disney Princess/Movie Icon Are You?” quizzes, I wanted to include this test from Variety that tells you which Avengers’ character you are. Apparently I’m the Vision, which doesn’t seem entirely accurate, though C as Hawkeye is a spot on. Which character are you?! (You can also use this chart to determine your super-villain name, if you’re interested!)

5. As I have mentioned before, I think the special effects in the original Star Wars are still some of the best in the business. To be sure, the first three episodes have been re-mastered an ungodly amount of times (usually with much controversy), but I grew up with a VHS copy that didn’t contain too much tinkering and that’s what I remember most. Now, thanks to a man named William Forsche, we can hear what Episode 4: A New Hope sounded like to an audience back in 1977. As Boing Boing’s Laura Hudson points out: “[I]t’s still a cool little time capsule from a time when Star Wars wasn’t Star Wars yet – it was just the coolest thing people had ever seen.”

6. The fictional world of Westeros in George R. R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice series is incredibly detailed, but also a bit complicated to follow. Though there is a map at the beginning of each book, it can still be difficult to place where each character is and where they are in relation to everyone else. Thanks to a Redditor named Danny, we now have a map of Westeros in a more familiar format – Google Maps. I’m not entirely sure if it is to scale, but it certainly gives you a better sense of how things fit together. Like the folks over at Huffington Post, C and I might have to start using this as a reference guide on Sunday nights!

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