Thoughts on Turning 30

I have tried to avoid writing overly personal/sappy/emotional posts since I cleaned up my Geeky Musings at the end of last year, but when I saw that my 30th birthday fell on a Thursday, well, I just couldn’t resist!

I have to admit though that I’ve surprised myself a bit this year because I am actually really excited to be turning the big 3-0. When I was younger, 30 always seemed like such an adult, almost “Over-the-Hill” kind of age (mainly because of the “R,” I think. It just has such a harder sound to it than say 20, or even 50 for that matter), but now, I can’t wait to say goodbye to my 20s! 

To be fair, the last decade wasn’t all that bad – I finished both undergraduate and graduate school, studied and traveled abroad, moved to the big city and got several “big city” jobs, and met the love of my life. Yet there was also a decent amount of heartbreak before the Mysterious Mr. C came along, and a lot of pressure to live up to my own high expectations and those I felt everyone else had for me. Toward the end, I started to crumble under the weight of it all.

Today, I am still working on being kinder and gentler with myself, but I’ve also remembered what truly makes me tick and have gone back to my roots in a way. I have even proudly embraced the geek within (I accepted my inner nerd a long, long time ago!). I have learned that I am happiest when I am writing posts about the cinematic portrayals of zombies, or crafting Captain America t-shirts for The Avengers: Age of Ultron premiere. I am also longing for an office because I think these nerdy owls would look adorable on a couch, and I want to have room for all of the Funko Pop! figurines that I lust over at Barnes&Noble.

And while I enjoy following a number of fashion and lifestyle sites, I have realized that I am more interested in buying a new dinosaur lunchbox or telling just about anyone who will listen that C and I are going to AwesomeCon next weekend than in styling a midi dress or embossing my own stationery. In fact, I would say that I haven’t just embraced/accepted my own geekynerdiness, I revel in it! And I no longer feel guilty because I do.

So here’s to turning 30, because from where I stand, the future is looking pretty good!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Turning 30

    1. Thanks Mei-Mei!! I am certainly still a work-in-progress, but I’m really looking forward to some big new adventures! I hope you have a fabulous day too, whenever it’s your turn to celebrate! 🙂

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