Nerd Alert

I’ve been doing these “Nerd Alerts” for several weeks now and putting today’s post together made me realize just how much I love this series! The six links I’ve shared today are, in a word, random, but I very much enjoy every single one of them. Some favorite movies and television shows are represented, though likely in unusual ways. I hope you find them as amusing as I did! 

1. There is no denying that pancake art is a thing, but it still feels a little weird to consider batter a medium. That said, the pancakes made by Dr. Dan the Pancake Man, or DanCakes – as he likes to call them – are absolutely exquisite! Two months ago, Dr. Dan made pancakes of the Earth’s mightiest heroes to celebrate the release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The pictures of the pancakes are impressive enough, but the video is completely mesmerizing. Putting those designs together certainly takes skill and I appreciate it all the more since it is a talent I do not have!

2. In a previous “Nerd Alert,” I shared an interesting theory about the return of Jaqen H’ghar in HBO’s Game of Thrones from Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson. And while I enjoyed reading her take on the character’s reappearance, I discovered that Bustle’s Nick Romano went a step further and compiled seven different fan theories about the television show. After reading through them, I must admit that they all seem incredibly plausible and I’m eager to see if/how any of them play out!

3. As I was cleaning up my Gmail inbox this past week, I rediscovered the “What Was That Book” LiveJournal and just knew that I had to share it with you! A friend of mine sent me the link a couple of years ago after I told him about my quest to find a book I remembered from my childhood – I could tell him a lot about the plot, but not the title (we eventually figured it outThe Farthest-Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks). The LiveJournal is essentially a place where people can go and post what they can remember about a particular book, and the community tries to help them figure out the title and the author. The site has been around for nearly 10 years and seems to have helped a lot of people, so if you are in need of assistance, here are the rules and regulations for posting. Happy hunting!

4/5. Since seeing Guardians of the Galaxy last summer, Chris Pratt has become one of my favorite celebrities. He seems incredibly down-to-earth, goofy, funny, and generally just one of those people you’d want to hang out with. But while I thoroughly enjoyed reading his interview in this month’s GQ magazine, it was his pre-Jurassic World press junket apology that cemented his place in my heart.

6. I’ll admit, I am not a big Beyoncé fan, so I had no idea that #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat was one of the latest Internet crazes until I started seeing a mash-up of her “Single Ladies” video with the theme song from “Duck Tales” just about everywhere this week. As one of my friends said on Facebook, I try to avoid click-bait articles as much as possible, but the siren call was a little too strong this time. And the video does match up to the song pretty well. More than anything though, I enjoyed briefly reliving one of my favorite cartoons from the late 1980s!

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