Nerd Alert

It’s been a bit of a rough week here in the GeekyNerdy household, so the Mysterious Mr. C and I are looking forward to taking it slow this weekend. Indeed, I imagine there is a lot of resting on the couch and catching up on Game of Thrones in our future! I hope you all have great weekends too, and enjoy this week’s “Nerd Alert!” 

1. As a big proponent of embracing the nerd within and letting your geek flag fly, I was tickled to see this Elite Daily article on falling in love with a weirdo. Though “nerd,” “geek,” and “weirdo” were once seen as pejorative terms, it seems like they are being reclaimed by those they were used to describe and turned into something more powerful – a recognition of smarts, enthusiasm, and free-spiritedness. The article itself appears to be more of a call for people to love the weirdos in their lives, but I think it’s also a good reminder for us geekynerdy types about why we’re so awesome!

2-4. Now, I must admit that this entry is for C, who is a sucker for kung fu movies, both good and bad. His latest obsession is Kung Fury, the Kickstarter-funded 30-minute short about a kung fu-fighting cop who travels back in time to take on kung fu master Adolf Hitler. Yeah, it seems to be just as ridiculous as it sounds – oh, and there’s a dinosaur, Thor, and gun-toting female Vikings thrown in for good mix. It also comes complete with an epic soundtrack that’s been described as “more 80s than the 80s,” a music video featuring David Hasselhoff, and an old school-styled game that you can download to both Android and iOS phones. As Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican wrote in an article about the viral film earlier this week, it’s Swedish writer, director, and star David Sandberg’s “peculiar love letter to the best of the worst that the 1980s had to offer.

5. Much of the hype surrounding George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road centered on the film’s stunning visual effects. And though, as an audience member, you knew that some of the images had to be computer-generated, the scenes were so seamless that one couldn’t really tell what was real and what wasn’t. Thanks to Ian Failes at fxguide, we can now see the original plates from the film, as well as the final enhanced shots. Though the article is very technical, it is really interesting to see how the artists and designers achieved the different looks they were going for.

6. My wallet had barely recovered from Awesome Con 2015 when I saw these incredible metal keycaps from GeekKeys. They’ve got a number of different fandoms covered – Avengers, Breaking Bad, Pokemon, and Star Wars – as well as a variety of game controllers, though if the comments on this Nerdist post are any indication, the line will (or at least should) expand to include more. At the moment, the keys appear to be designed for mechanical keyboards and not laptop ones, but here’s hoping that’s in the works too!

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