Blogger Burnout

Truth be told, I never intended for this week to be a two-post week. Pretty much all of the blogging advice out there says to be regular and consistent with your posting, which is why I try my best to have something new for you to check out every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. I even got up early on Sunday to finally finish Daniel H. Wilson’s Robogenesis, so I could write up a review about it, but once I got to the end, I realized that I just didn’t have anything left in my tank. And since I decided during last year’s cleanup that I would only post things that were blog- or geekynerdy-related (and that I was happy with), I thought it better to ride out the funk and get back to work once it had passed! 

I’m not entirely sure what caused my burnout this past weekend – the first really since I started blogging over two years ago – but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was superhero (i.e. Marvel) and/or robot fatigue. As much as I love both of those subjects, I’ve felt for a little while that the blog has become a bit too Marvel-heavy and have wanted to balance it out. Part of this is because Marvel has been churning stuff out left and right, but also because the Mysterious Mr. C happens to prefer its franchises over some of the others that are out there and it’s easier to get him to come see those films with me! (Note to Self: Ask more friends to go out on movie dates and give C a rest too.)

That said, the burnout showed me that I need to do a much better job of mixing things up! Which shouldn’t be too hard to do considering that I have a running note on my iPhone that is filled with blog ideas. While I don’t want to go in the other direction and become too formulaic, I do want to make more of an effort to intersperse my superhero movies with more nerdy ones, and alternate between robot adventures and general science fiction stories. There are even a number of related non-fiction books that I want to read! I also have a slew of food posts planned, particularly during the first week in July, so I do have plenty of material to work with!

But though I can (and will!) do more to make sure I’m not getting burned out with the topic material, I also need to be better about taking some breaks from the blog itself – or at least balancing things out. For instance, maybe every other book should be blog-related, just to give me something I can enjoy for the sheer pleasure of it. The same goes for movies. And since I am a professional with a non-blog-related job, I need to create dedicated blocks of time to engage on social media so I don’t get too distracted! (I went overboard on Tuesday and spent a ton of time on social media while I was at work… oops!)

All of these things seem fairly obvious, and I have heard/thought about them before, but this brief bout of blogger burnout (how’s that for alliteration?!) showed me just how important they truly are and I look forward to implementing them from here on out!

2 thoughts on “Blogger Burnout

  1. I get the same way sometimes, and I, too, keep a running list of ideas to write about. I’ve started doing a lot of writing in bursts, then scheduling the posts out to cover the times I don’t feel like writing 🙂
    And if I blogged about every book I read, I’d do nothing but!

    1. Thanks Mei-Mei! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets in these kinds of moods 🙂 And I totally hear you on writing in bursts… that’s something I’d really like to do more of so things like this don’t happen again. I also need to start working on all of the posts I have scheduled to go up during our honeymoon!

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