No-Buy Book Challenge


Yesterday, when I went to create a “Wish List” on my nook, I discovered that I had already made one – about three-and-a-half years ago!! While I remembered wanting to read some of the books that were on there, others were completely foreign to me, forgotten selections from a by-gone shopping trip. Though there were only about five or six books on my Wish List, seeing them there reminded me that I definitely ascribe to the theory of “so many books, so little time.” It also prompted me to go through my carefully organized digital shelves, where I discovered other books that I have actually downloaded (and paid for), but not yet read. 

Then, as I was cleaning our apartment, I thought about all of the books on our many bookcases that I want to read, as well as the ones I have squirreled away in my nightstand. I knew that there were a lot, so I thought to myself: “That would be a fun challenge for next year, to not buy any books – just read the ones you have or borrow them from the library.” I figured that the rules would be pretty simple: I couldn’t buy any books for myself (I, admittedly, have a bit of a habit) or cajole the Mysterious Mr. C into buying any for me. However, buying books as presents for friends would be okay.


A no-buy book challenge seemed straightforward enough and the more I thought about doing it the more I wanted to get started right away! Plus, there are six months left in 2015 and C and I do have a wedding to pay for, so… here we are!

After I decided to do the challenge, I went through all of the books in our apartment and jotted down the titles of the ones that I want to read. The grand total? A whopping 88 books! Now I highly doubt that I will get through even half of those over the course of the rest of the year, but it shows that I have plenty of material to work with! Plus, since most of the books aren’t blog-related, I figured this would give me an excuse to explore our local libraries a little bit more!

And More Books!

Up first – Wool by Hugh Howey. It was recommended to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago (we both seem to be interested in post-apocalyptic tales) and it is really good so far! Look out for a review in a couple of weeks.

But what about you? Do you also have piles and piles of books that you want to read? If so, which ones are at the top of your list?!

2 thoughts on “No-Buy Book Challenge

    1. Thanks Mei-Mei! It really is a ridiculous number of books and I have been trying to curb my buying habit ever since I lost my B&N employee discount. Plus, with C and I seriously contemplating a move, this will help me separate the keepers from the chaff!!

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