Nerd Alert

This week has been a bit of a long one for both the Mysterious Mr. C and I, but since it is C’s birthday weekend, we are determined to get into some fun mischief to celebrate! I hope you all enjoy some time off as well and I will see you back here on Monday! 

DidThatJustHappen via GeekTyrant
DidThatJustHappen via GeekTyrant

1. With all of the drama surrounding the new Fantastic Four movie and the consistently bad reviews, it is highly unlikely that C and I will still go see it this weekend – movies are just too darn expensive these days for something that even the director is distancing himself from! But while the latest reboot featuring Marvel’s First Family seems to miss the mark (again), this video of a full-size Human Torch drone flying around a fake town is amazing!! Captured by YouTuber “DidThatJustHappen,” the video shows the drone – named Johnny, of course – flying over the Nassau County Fire Training Academy. It soars through the air and zips around buildings, some of which are on fire as well, and even passes over a flaming version of the new movie’s logo. It’s a short video, but is extremely well done.


2-5. If you follow me on Instagram, you likely know that C and I have been busily working to create our wedding registries. And while we’ve checked off traditional things like fancy silverware and formal china, I keep finding geekynerdy items that I would love to have as well! These dinosaur fossil coasters and geological bedding sets, for example, are perfect for our inner paleontologists (or just Jurassic Park movie nights!), and these Funko Pop! ceramics are great for showing off our fandoms a little more boldly. I also have my eye on this Millennium Falcon chip/dip tray. Oh sure, none of these things are typical registry items (and we haven’t actually signed up for any of them), but I still feel like they would be perfectly at home in our geekynerdy abode!

DC Comics via Nerdist
DC Comics via Nerdist

6. As I have mentioned before, like most children who grew up in the 1990s, I am a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series. Looking back at it now, the show was extremely dark and more adult in tone than other cartoons of the day, but maybe that’s why we were all drawn to it… the show didn’t treat us like the children that we were. Luckily, it seems that I am not alone in my love for this classic portrayal of the caped crusader: ComiConverse’s Chris Barnes is counting down his Top 10 favorite episodes, while Nerdist’s Kyle Anderson made a Top 10 list of episodes specifically featuring Harley Quinn, a character that was created just for the show and has turned into a huge fan favorite. I also just discovered Justin Michael’s Batman: The Animated Podcast, which brings together fans and special guests who worked on the show to discuss their favorite episodes. So, I guess whenever I’m starting to feel a little nostalgic, I have plenty of places to turn!

2 thoughts on “Nerd Alert

  1. Ahhh I love all those Harley episodes. “Mad Love” is probably my favorite, but “Almost Got ‘im” is up there. “Girl’s Night Out” is a great one, too.

    1. Same here, but I think “Almost Got ‘Em” is my favorite because I love the idea of the villains getting together and discussing their exploits. While I thought that whole premise was awesome, it also seemed natural that these characters – who live in the same city – would cross paths and admire or rag on each other’s “work.” 🙂

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