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Oh man readers, does it feel good to be back!! I know that I have been pretty absent from the blog this summer and let me tell you, I have really missed it! Unlike last fall, when I consciously took a break from actively posting to work behind the scenes and clean things up a bit, this hiatus was entirely unplanned. 

Though I started off the summer with a pretty full schedule of posts, between not quite giving myself enough time to perfect Shark Week-related snacks to lackluster summer movies to a wedding that gets closer and closer with each passing day, the last couple of months just kind of got away from me. But with students all over the country now heading back to school, I thought it was a great time to get back to it myself! As such, I am making this a “BTS Week” and have rounded up a few choice geekynerdy pieces that I would have totally rocked in my high school and college days, and would still love to add to my closet today. Enjoy!

1. Triwizard Tournament Sweatshirt

WayCoolTShirts via Fashionably Geek
WayCoolTShirts via Fashionably Geek

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is easily my favorite book in the entire series and while I love the whole line of Triwizard Tournament gear by Way Cool T-Shirts, this off-the-shoulder fitted sweatshirt has my name written all over it! First of all, it looks ridiculously comfortable – as most sweatshirts are – but it is also feminine enough in its cut that it doesn’t look like workout clothes. And as someone who doesn’t normally like to carry a purse, I love that there’s a kangaroo pocket too!

2. Avengers Icon Dress


I have had my eye on this Avengers Icon Dress by HerUniverse for a ridiculously long amount of time and if it weren’t for the wedding, it would likely already be hanging in my closet. While I love the fact that this dress includes symbols for all of the Avengers, including Black Widow, who doesn’t get nearly as much merchandise as she should, I really like how subtle it is. From far away, the black and white design would likely look just like polka dots, but even up close, it still isn’t as in your face as some other things I’ve seen.

Oh, and if the dress is still a little too much for you, HerUniverse has the same pattern available in a scarf and a tote bag!

3. Harley Quinn Infinity Scarf

Hot Topic
Hot Topic

As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for infinity scarves and they have quickly replaced necklaces as my go-to accessory when trying to pull an outfit together. Most of the ones in my current collection are solid colors, but there are a number of geekynerdy versions, like this Star Wars one (also from HerUniverse) that I can’t wait to add to it!

Thanks to my mom, I’ve already got this Marvel infinity scarf from ThinkGeek, but as a Batman: The Animated Series fan, I also really like this Harley Quinn one from Hot Topic. Like the Avengers dress, the pattern is simple enough that you (I) could likely get away with wearing it to work, but those in the know would immediately recognize the homage to one of the show’s most popular villainesses.

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