GeekyNerdyGirl Hits the “Pause” Button

Dear Readers,

I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to write this post, especially since I have been arguing with the Mysterious Mr. C all summer about how I could totally work full-time, follow my regular blogging schedule, and still plan our wedding like some kind of superwoman. However, with our wedding now just 30 days away (yep, we’re getting married on Halloween!!), I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s been right all along – I’m trying to juggle too much and I’m not really doing any of it well… or at least not as well as I would like. 

Because of that, I’ve decided to take a brief hiatus from my Geeky Musings. While this absence won’t be nearly as long as last year’s, it will give me a few weeks to focus on all of the outstanding wedding details that I really need to get a move on, and will allow me to do some behind-the-scenes work on the blog. It will also, hopefully, let me build up a bit of a queue again so I really can stick to my plan of having posts go up at a set time on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!

Though this note might not be all that necessary considering the fact that my posting schedule has been a bit off this summer anyway, I still felt like I owed you guys some sort of explanation since I kept saying that I was going to keep to a certain schedule and would then disappear for days or weeks at a time. Recognizing my need to take little breaks every now and then is also my personal effort to pull back the curtain a bit as bloggers can be so good at making things seem perfect and easy.

Anyways, my plan is to come back the first week of November with some behind-the-scenes photos from our wedding before moving on to my regularly scheduled geekynerdy programming!

Hopefully you’ll bear with me and come back to check things out, but if you decide to move on to greener pastures, that’s okay too. I know there are a lot of us bloggers out there and I appreciate whatever time you’ve spent visiting my little corner of the Internet!

Until next time… xx GeekyNerdyGirl

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