Year of the Blog

Happy New Year readers!! As I am sure is very apparent from the fact that my last post was nearly 100 days ago, my “pause” lasted a little longer than I was planning. Part of that was because the week leading up to our #MysteriousMrMrsC wedding was a bit more hectic than I was expecting (yay DIY decorations!) and then we took a quick mini-moon afterwards to decompress. Next, my immune system seemed to completely collapse and I spent most of November asleep on the couch. Of course, after that, the Christmas holiday loomed and before I knew it, it seemed to make more sense to just keep the pause going and come back fresh in the new year. 

Like a similar break that I took in the fall of 2014 (believe me, I am really NOT trying to make this a pattern), I spent a lot of my time away from the computer thinking about these Geeky Musings and what I wanted to do in the upcoming year, my third one blogging. I also realized that I could finally focus on the blog like I’ve always wanted to since I’m fairly settled into my new job and there is no longer a wedding to plan. As such, I have officially declared 2016 the “Year of the Blog.”

While I am working on a new theme and some additional categories for my musings, for the most part, I’ve decided that things will be staying the same since I’m still interested in all things geeky and nerdy! I’ll continue to review fiction books, movies, and television shows, though I am looking to mix in some related non-fiction options as well. Additionally, I’m planning on breaking into the world of graphic novels and I’m still trying to get C to do a guest post or two since his geekynerdy knowledge is nearly encyclopedic! I’m also hoping to do some more food and DIY posts, and I might even throw in a fashion post every now and then. Okay, that’s actually a lot, so maybe things aren’t so much staying the same as expanding!

One thing, however, that definitely will be staying the same is my posting schedule of Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. The only exceptions will occur when one of those days happens to be a federal holiday – in those cases, the post will appear the next day. To be sure, there may be an “extra” post here or there, but since “consistency” is my watchword for the year, you can count on something new going up according to that schedule… starting today!

Though I know I have been gone for a while, I am really excited to be back and hopefully you’re looking forward to a new year of posts – both geeky and nerdy – too!

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