“You Go Glen Coco!”


BREAKING NEWS: We interrupt your regularly scheduled “Nerd Alert” to celebrate the 3rd blogiversary of Geeky Musings of a Nerdy Girl!!!

For most people, Valentine’s Day weekend is a time to celebrate love – either with their significant others or bestest friends – but since the Mysterious Mr. C and I aren’t really into that whole thing (we think you should recognize those most important to you every day of the year), we mark a different kind of holiday instead: the birthday of this here blog!

It still blows my mind that, three years ago today, I finally pulled the trigger and created Geeky Musings, and I’ve marked that auspicious occasion a little differently each year. For the blog’s first birthday, I celebrated with creamcakes from Coldstone. For it’s second, I read my very first comic book – well, the first one that wasn’t purchased in the checkout lane of a grocery store. This year, I thought I would share three of the biggest things I’ve learned since adding “blogging” to my list of hobbies! Enjoy, and thanks for being a part of my geekynerdy community!

1. Have fun and make sure “you do you.”

A lot of bloggers talk about the importance of being authentic when it comes to what you are writing about, and while that is definitely true, I think that at a more basic level it’s all about having fun with what you’re doing. Because it you truly enjoy whatever that subject matter may be – whether perfectly arranging a vase of flowers or knitting a Doctor Who scarf – that passion will come through in your posts. In turn, that will make your blog more interesting to read and people will start to trust/value your opinions because they’ll know that you really care about X and aren’t just trying to attract more eyeballs to your site. That, of course, is not to suggest that you can’t push yourself and try new things, but don’t be afraid to scrap the ones that don’t quite work for you.

2. Keep some things just for yourself.

While blogging can definitely be a fun pastime, and even a lucrative career, it can quickly become an all-consuming one, especially if you are also trying to manage several related social media accounts. As such, burnout is a very real possibility and seems to have happened to just about every blogger I follow at one point or another. To help prevent that from happening, it is important that you keep some things just for yourself. That could mean partaking in a variety of other hobbies or simply enjoying books, movies, whatever for the sheer pleasure of it, but you should have something that can give you a break from everything else that you’re juggling!

3. Be inspired by other bloggers, but don’t compare yourself to them.

 As C’s homeboy Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy,” and that is as true when it comes to blogging as it is with everything else. But while this is one of those lessons that I think most of us know, it can also be ridiculously hard to internalize! Or at least it’s something that I really struggle with. I know that I shouldn’t compare myself to bloggers who are far more established than I am – and who focus on completely different topics – but I still get down on myself if my posts don’t seem to be as well received, my pictures aren’t quite up to snuff, etc. Instead of beating myself up over these perceived failures, I need to remember Lesson #1 and that we all started somewhere!

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