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Happy Saturday nerds! After a particularly long week over here at GeekyNerdy HQ, the Mysterious Mr. C and I were determined to get into some mischief today. To that end, we got up early and went to a favorite spot for brunch. We then checked out some other foodie hotspots, before heading home to (finally) watch Inside Out. Now, we’re settling in for a night of Ghost Adventures and it feels delightful to just veg! I’m sure I’ll be rushing around tomorrow, but for now, the down time is amazing! Hopefully you’re having a great day too! 

1/2. So, this is embarrassing to admit, but when I first saw the story headlines about Movie Munchies’ mash-up videos of Disney princesses singing in their native languages, I was a bit confused. Since the cover image most sites showed featured Ariel, I – in the beginning stages of that nasty head cold that laid me out for most of last week – thought it was going to be her singing in some sort of fish voice because, you know, that makes sense!

Luckily for me, and for you, that is not the case at all! Instead, the videos show the princesses singing in the languages of the lands where their stories are set. Hence, Belle sings in French, Jasmine switches to Arabic, and Elsa belts out “Let It Go” in Norwegian. As for Ariel, she’s a Danish crooner. The changes are amazing and while some languages are slightly more melodic than others, I really loved all of them and was so glad that I gave this story a post-sickness look!

Maryam Safdar via Bored Panda
Maryam Safdar via Bored Panda

3. If you’ve followed my “Nerd Alerts” for a little while, you’ll know that I typically like to group similarly themed links together. However, these anime-style portraits of the Disney princesses by Maryam Safdar were just too pretty to not get their own entry! According to Safdar’s post on Bored Panda, the images were created “digitally in Manga Studio with love and a bit of magic.” And as she notes, “[t]rying to merge the magic of Disney and the uniqueness of anime/manga, results in awesomeness.”

Adam J. Calhoun
Adam J. Calhoun

4/5. Since Belle is my favorite Disney princess, I thought it was only fitting to include some fun book-related items this week as well! The first one is particularly nerdy as it has to do with the punctuation marks authors choose to use in their books.

Inspired by a series of posters that artist Nicholas Rougeux put together of the punctuation used in a variety of classic novels, Adam J. Calhoun decided to look at some of his favorite stories to see how they stacked up. And while he tracks the kinds of punctuation marks that are used too, he goes a few steps further and tallies up the words per sentence and the words per punctuation mark as well. He also turned his findings into some stunning heatmaps, where each mark is a different color. While the heatmaps are predominantly purple or red in color, I still think it’s fascinating to see who uses what and how, and they make me want to check out my books as well!

The second bookish story that I wanted to share with you guys is not nearly as nerdy as the punctuation marks; more, it will help you keep your place as you track those colons, semi-colons, periods, and question marks! That’s right, I’m talking about a bookmark. But not just any bookmark, a fancy origami bookmark! Okay, maybe it’s not that fancy, but as someone who has seen her bookmark collection diminish over time, I am really digging this simple DIY option!

6. Yesterday afternoon, a new version of John Williams’ iconic “Imperial March” began making the rounds. Created by Ian Gordon, the song – called “Vader’s Redemption” – is essentially the same, except that it’s now played in a major key. As a result, a song that is synonymous with bad people doing bad things becomes a tune that immediately brings to mind a graduation ceremony. As Nerdist’s Michael Walsh notes: “The song sure enough lives up to Gordon’s title. This sounds like Vader’s redemption if he finally found his niche at the Ivy League school where he had never quite lived up to his potential. . . . It’s the same song, just in a different key, and suddenly I’m picturing Darth Vader hugging his classmates before they all go off to conquer the world in a burst of optimism and pride.” If you have three minutes to spare, give it a listen and let me know if you agree!

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