GNBC Date Change

Update: This post will now go up next Thursday, October 13. I know, I know –
I really didn’t want to reschedule our next book club meeting again, but I didn’t quite anticipate how draining working six days a week, editing a 524-page book, and moving would be! And ultimately, I would rather have you guys think of me as a flaky blogger than put up a half-assed post, just to have something by the “due date.” To help (sort of) make up for the extended delay though, I’ve got an entire 
Wonder Woman-themed week planned, so stay tuned for that and, I promise, come hell or high water, we will “meet” next week to discuss Jill Lepore’s book!! xx 

Hey guys, before it got to be too much later, I wanted to send you all a quick note letting you know that I’m going to need to push back the date of our next discussion for the GeekyNerdy Book Club. Work is an absolute mess right now (I have at least five projects due before or by the end of the month), the Mysterious Mr. C and I are moving at the end of the month, and we have an out-of-town wedding the weekend we’re moving too! Essentially, there’s a lot going on right now and I barely have the energy to eat dinner when I get home at night, let alone finish reading our latest selection! As such, I’m giving all of us an extra month and will post my thoughts on Jill Lepore’s The Secret History of Wonder Woman on Thursday, October 6.

I really do apologize for the delay – I just wasn’t expecting this month to be so crazy! Hopefully life is a little less hectic wherever you are and I will see you in October!

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