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This week was one of those odd ones for me: The individual days seemed to drag on forever, but the weekend seemed to get here surprisingly soon. It will likely be over just as quickly, especially since I actually have plans! I had brunch this morning with some great girlfriends who I haven’t seen in awhile, have brunch with my cousin tomorrow (who I also haven’t seen in awhile), and the Mysterious Mr. C and I are heading to the theater at some point to see John Wick: Chapter 2. It may not be all that relaxing, but reconnecting with everyone has been just what I needed! 


1. Ever since I was officially sorted by Pottermore a couple of years ago, I’ve been on the lookout for Ravenclaw-specific gear. Hot Topic – a new go-to for geekynerdy wear – has a bunch of options (for the other three houses too!) that I have been lusting over, but I was particularly intrigued by these House-based sets of Underoos.

My pajamas currently fall more into the ratty old t-shirt category than anything else, so the idea of having a matching set of something is extremely appealing. They also look really comfortable, which – let’s be honest – is my top priority when trying to fall asleep!


2. When I was in college, Ugg boots seemed to be everywhere. In fact, they were so ubiquitous that they, along with leggings and North Face fleece jackets, came to be seen as the standard uniform for sorority girls, of which I was one.

While this stereotype and the cost kept me from buying my own pair, I’ve never stopped loving the look of a tunic top, skinny jeans, and boots. To me, it’s always been a great way to look pulled together, while still being comfortable (clearly that’s my aesthetic!). So when I saw these Star Wars boots by Po-Zu on the Kessel Runway, I knew I had found a shoe that would help me get that look in a geekynerdy way.

Called the “Piper V Dark Brown,” they are the exact boots that the costume department used for Rey’s shoes in The Force Awakens! And, THEY ARE ON SALE!! Made from a variety of eco-friendly materials, the boots are highly rated and just about every review talks about how comfortable they are. Clearly they need to be added to my wardrobe, stat!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
The Wendy Project via Jordandene

3/4. A long-stated goal of mine has been to delve more into the world of comic books and graphic novels. While I have certainly started dipping my toes in, I know that there is so much more to explore. That’s sort-of been part of the problem though: I haven’t quite known where to get started! Aware of this dilemma, C shared a link with me months ago that listed 18 graphic novels “every guy should read.”

Though the list is seemingly geared toward men, there are a number of titles, like Maus and Ghost World, that I’ve actually had my eye on for awhile. That said, I do recognize the fact that many of them are pretty dark, so I appreciate the fact that Jordan from Jordandené is trying to read more graphic novels too. Her catalogue seems to feature lighter, more female-centric options, so between the two lists, I should be pretty well set!

Art Faculty via HelloGiggles

5. Like most of the world, I first spotted this dinosaur pouch last August when the wife of Singapore’s prime minister rocked it on a visit to the United States. Though the bag by Seetoh Sheng Jie is certainly adorable, many of us fell in love with its price point ($11) and backstory: Sheng Jie was a student at Pathlight, a school in Singapore for children with autism. The school, which has a retail arm – the Art Faculty, sells products created by students in the artist development program. The students, in turn, receive royalties from the products that are sold. A cute pouch for less than what I often spend on lunch here in DC that also supports a great cause? Sign me up!

Luckily, there is no longer a wait list, so you can snap it up right now! Sheng Jie also has a number of new options available, such as envelopes and wristlets. I’m particularly interested in this rose-gold version, which seems perfect for a night out with C.

Pop Chart Lab

6. When I first became aware of the concept of bucket lists, I immediately came up with the goals of reading every book on the American Library Association’s 100 best and 100 frequently challenged lists. Much to my chagrin, the ALA doesn’t seem to maintain a single “best” list anymore but this scratch-off poster by Pop Chart Lab has stepped into the breach!

Featuring the covers of 100 classic novels, the idea is to scratch off the gold overlay to reveal the full design when you’ve finished reading the chosen book. It’s a more artistic way of keeping track of what you’ve read – and is likely more fun than highlighting a title on a computer printout!

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