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Helloooo readers!! Before I get to our final GeekyNerdy Book Club selection for 2017, I have a quick editorial announcement to make.

After months of repeatedly missing my declared posting dates, I decided that it was time to reevaluate my schedule. In looking at my various have-to-dos, want-to-dos, and wish-to-dos, shifting things over by a day seemed like it would be a little more manageable. So, for October at least (I’ll sort of test things out and see how they go), my posts will be going up on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Okay, now on to the fun stuff – our next book club read!

Though I briefly contemplated a scary/spooky selection for October, I ultimately decided to keep to our original schedule of “meeting” in the odd-numbered months. I’ve already got a decent amount of books on my plate (I’m trying to catch up on my Harry Potter re-read) and I didn’t want to rush anyone by giving us only a few weeks to find and read something. I also wanted to make sure people here in the United States are able to enjoy their Thanksgivings, so our last meeting for this year will be on Tuesday, November 28.

As for the selection itself, I’ve opted to go with William Goldman’s The Princess Bride!!

Admittedly, it has been a bit of a Princess Bride-themed year over here at GeekyNerdy HQ. We read Cary Elwes’s book As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride for our first book club meeting and a few weeks ago, my mom came into town and we all went to the Strathmore in Maryland for an evening with Elwes himself.

Having read his memoir, we figured that we would be familiar with most of the stories that Elwes told during the Q&A portion of the evening – and we were – but it was still really fun to see him in person and hear his excitement and joy at reliving those memories.

Almost more fun though was the screening of The Princess Bride that took place before Elwes came on stage. The theater was packed and the energy was electric. We all cheered at the same scenes, quoted the same lines, and applauded the same actors when they appeared for the first time. It was essentially watching a beloved film with 500 or so other fans and it was amazing!!!

As we drove home, we started talking about the fact that while we’ve seen the movie countless times, we’ve never actually read Goldman’s book. So, I decided to remedy that!

Now, while I recently purchased the fancy 30th anniversary edition, just about any edition of the book should be fine. I think the only thing that changes is the introduction and the back material (i.e., a discussion of the theoretical sequel Buttercup’s Baby). Other than those few things, everything else should be the same!

I look forward to “seeing” you all in November and until then… happy reading!!

2 thoughts on “GNBC: November Selection

  1. Awesome! I read this back when we did As You Wish and enjoyed it, so I am perfectly happy to go through it again. My timing may be a bit off depending on when this kid decides to come. That’s right around my due date haha

    1. Haha!! Another reader did that too, so apparently I’m the only that’s slow on the uptake. Can’t wait to hear to what you thought and good luck with these last two months!!

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