Nerd Alert

As you may or may not have noticed, the nerd world celebrated Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday yesterday. While this is technically incorrect (she didn’t appear in comic books until December 1941), the celebration was tied to her appointment as an honorary U.N. ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Unsurprisingly, the move sparked aContinue reading “Nerd Alert”

GNBC: December Selection

So, I’ve got to be honest with you readers. After several months of selecting different reads for our GeekyNerdy Book Club, I was a little unsure about what direction to go in for the final selection of the year. To be sure, I mentioned a couple of options in last Thursday’s post, as did Mei-Mei,Continue reading “GNBC: December Selection”

“I Know My Value”

The most memorable line to come out of ABC’s short-lived Marvel’s Agent Carter occurred in the first season finale. Strategic Scientific Reserve agent-extraordinaire Peggy Carter has just saved the day (again), and her male colleagues have taken the credit for her actions (again!). Witnessing this, a more enlightened male agent asks Peggy how she canContinue reading ““I Know My Value””