O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Christmas, like Thanksgiving, is a holiday that has always been centered on tradition for me. We have my mom’s lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner (we realized this year was the silver anniversary of that meal), we go to the 9:00 p.m. service at church (it was the one I always sang in during my time in the choir), and we have cinnamon/orange rolls for breakfast, once everyone is allowed to wake up on their own.

But while all of these traditions are special to me (and I have been known to be a bit of a pill when they get fussed with – Christmas 1999 anyone?!), there is nothing I enjoy more than curling up Continue reading “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree”

The Hills are Alive…

Back of the Movie von Trapp House

Last Thursday, I joined the 18.5 million other people who watched NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live!”  Since I seemed to go into it with different expectations from some of my friends (it was the Broadway version, and no one will ever be as amazing as Julie Andrews), I found it rather enjoyable.  Yes, the acting was a bit stiff, but it was fun to see something that was, well, live.  In an era of highly polished and produced shows, it was refreshing to watch something a little more immediate on television. Continue reading “The Hills are Alive…”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Disclaimer: I am a huge Hunger Games fan, and have been ever since I read the first book as an Advanced Reader Copy in 2008 when I was working at Barnes&Noble. I also own the entire China Glaze Hunger Games nail polish line (nail polish is a particular weakness of mine) and I’ve dressed up as Katniss for Halloween for the last two years (DIY quiver and arrows to come). But the true depth of my love for this series showed itself last March when I went to see the film every single day the weekend it opened. While that was mainly a fluke of having friends who wanted to see the film on different days, going to the midnight premiere was all me.

This time around, for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, I did the same thing – though I went to the first showing at 8:00 pm instead. If you are a fan of a film, I have to say that this is definitely the way to watch it as the audience makes the movie experience that much better. Everyone else is a fan, just like you, and ridiculously excited to be there. Continue reading “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Happy Thanksgivukkah!!

Even though I am *ahem* 28 years old, my childhood traditions are still extremely important to me, especially around the holidays.  Since the Mysterious Mr. C and I are starting to split the holidays between our families, I have gotten a little less obstinate about certain things – like having cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving morning and lasagna for Christmas Eve dinner – but there is one tradition I refuse to give up: watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in my pajamas. Continue reading “Happy Thanksgivukkah!!”

Thor: The Dark World


While I cut my geekynerdy teeth on the X-Men animated series in the 90s, I have been a relative latecomer to the films of the Marvel Universe. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen most of the movies, though likely not in the order Stan Lee would have preferred. Thus far, while I have enjoyed all of the little things that are tying the Avengers movies together, I have also been able to appreciate each film as a stand-alone feature. At least I had been.

Like many people who have gone to see Thor: The Dark World this weekend, I found myself leaving the theater with more questions than answers. I’ll admit, I never saw the first Thor movie (one of the few I haven’t seen yet), but I had read a number of plot summaries so I felt pretty confident about going into the theater and knowing the backstory. Unfortunately, that didn’t really help me much. Continue reading “Thor: The Dark World”