Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War smashed its way into theaters this weekend and officially kicked off the summer blockbuster season. It also took in $181.8 million dollars and marked the biggest opening weekend for a stand-alone superhero franchise film (though I use that term loosely since the movie was sort of Avengers 2.5). Fittingly, Civil WarContinue reading “Captain America: Civil War”

Captain America Cake

With the 4th of July holiday weekend quickly approaching here in the United States, blogs all over the country are featuring patriotic content of some sort, though I have noticed that most of it seems to be food-related! Here at Geeky Musings, things are no different, though I have done my best to make sureContinue reading “Captain America Cake”

Captain America Age of Ultron T-Shirt

Websites like CafePress, HerUniverse, and ThinkGeek offer fangirls like me a ton of different geekynerdy clothing and accessory options. There are t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, and leggings for just about every fandom out there, as well as cellphone cases, coffee mugs, and mouse pads. But while I think many of the designs are quite cute, I’veContinue reading “Captain America Age of Ultron T-Shirt”

Marvel’s Agent Carter

So, I have wanted to post a review of Marvel’s Agent Carter since it first premiered on January 6, but decided to be good and wait the recommended three episodes before doing so. Luckily, that third episode (I’m counting the two premiere episodes as one since they were back-to-back) aired Tuesday night! Now before IContinue reading “Marvel’s Agent Carter”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Though I have long been ambivalent about the films of the Marvel universe, thinking they were often high on special effects and somewhat low on plot development, I have long known that Captain America is the Mysterious Mr. C’s favorite Avenger, and that we would go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier on opening weekend.Continue reading “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”