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Olaru Radian-Alexandru/Shutterstock

Last Wednesday, just hours after I told myself – and you – that I would be using my local library a little bit more, I went out and bought a book at Barnes&Noble. I hadn’t intended on making a personal purchase – I was there to get some Father’s Day presents for my dad – but when I thought of my perhaps-15-minute wait for the Metro, it seemed prudent to grab something for myself too!

As I perused the latest paperback releases, the cover of Mark Barry’s Lexicon caught my eye. And as I read the synopsis on the back, I knew I had found my evening read.

I guess Lexicon could be considered a dystopian thriller, but the world Barry describes is a little subtler than that. Instead of having smoldering ruins everywhere you look, the world seems to be quite similar to how we know it Read More