The 100 (Season 1)

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The CW

Last fall, as the few shows that the Mysterious Mr. C and I watch on a regular basis were airing their winter finales, I was struck by the fact – once again – that there isn’t too much that qualifies as “Must See TV” for us anymore. It’s a bit ironic, since so many people talk about the past few years as the second golden age of television, but things just weren’t catching our interest. Even shows like The CW’s The Flash, which we still watch fairly regularly, are viewed more out of habit than anything else. So when I fell in love with Syfy’s Incorporated, I was super excited to tell you guys about it! Then, I learned it had been cancelled and felt like I was starting from scratch all over again.  Read More

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

CW/DC Entertainment

CW/DC Entertainment

So, I’ve got to be honest: My thoughts on the CW’s newest foray into the superhero genre – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – have been a little all over the place, which is partly why it has taken me so long to review the show. While the Mysterious Mr. C and I watched the introductory special that aired on January 19 and saw the first episode of the pilot shortly after its premiere, Legends didn’t seem to catch our attention enough to tune in with any sort of regularity. But since I’ve been trying to give shows a few episodes to find their footing, I wanted to catch up before passing judgment.  Read More