The Dystopia Project

As just about everyone in the world is aware, the last several months have been a bit strange here in the United States. A billionaire businessman with no government experience is now the leader of the free world. The country’s venerable intelligence agencies have posited that foreign operatives worked to help put him into office.Continue reading “The Dystopia Project”

The 5th Wave (The Book)

Well, in nearly three years of blogging, this is a first: I read a book in preparation for its film adaptation, and now I’m actually afraid to see the movie because I’m not sure it can live up to the original! For the most part, I’ve always been eager to see a favorite story broughtContinue reading “The 5th Wave (The Book)”


Several years ago, I devoured Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series. It was around the time that I first became aware of dystopian YA novels, and the premise – civilization destroyed by a bug that eats oil and oil-based products, and enforced plastic surgery as a rite of passage – intrigued me. I loved the books, readingContinue reading “Afterworlds”