BTS – GeekyNerdy Swagger

Since Monday’s “Back to School” post focused on geekynerdy wear that the ladies could rock in the classroom and on campus, I wanted to focus today’s round-up on some more masculine options. That said, I would totally buy any of these school accessories, so perhaps they’re actually more unisex (gender-neutral?). Regardless, I hope you enjoy!  Read More

BTS – GeekyNerdy Style

Oh man readers, does it feel good to be back!! I know that I have been pretty absent from the blog this summer and let me tell you, I have really missed it! Unlike last fall, when I consciously took a break from actively posting to work behind the scenes and clean things up a bit, this hiatus was entirely unplanned.  Read More

Up in the Gym, Just Working on My Geekness…

After some rough days at work yesterday, the Mysterious Mr. C and I knew we needed to do something to unwind, but we had slightly different ideas about how best to do that. He recommended going to the gym, but I wanted to blog (it’s a debate we often have on Wednesday nights!). While I thought I had figured out a way for us to do both, we got home much later than usual and decided to compromise – I would write about geekynerdy workout wear (providing myself with some motivation for next week) while we watched the season premiere of American Ninja WarriorRead More

Geek Couture

Washington is certainly not as fashionable as, say, New York, London, or Paris, but it is getting there. Okay, maybe it has a little ways to go, but I work with some very stylish ladies and they are constantly inspiring me to up my game. My officemate M is one such individual and she has been putting together some ridiculously cute outfits lately! One number she wore a couple of weeks ago was the perfect combination of high-low pieces: a white bouclé jacket, a forest green graphic tee, and a pair of black skinny pants.

While I can’t quite pull that look off at the office just yet – I don’t have the right wardrobe – I did put my own geekynerdy spin on it a few weeks ago when the Mysterious Mr. C and I were back in Pittsburgh. Read More