Goonies Never Say Die

Warner Bros./Amblin

Growing up as a child without cable (I know, we did exist!), there were three recorded-from-television movies in my parents’ collection that quickly made it into my weekend rotation: 1977’s Star Wars, 1985’s The Goonies, and 1986’s Ruthless People. There might have even been a taped copy of 1984’s The Ghostbusters mixed in, but the other three were my standard go-to flicks when there wasn’t anything worth watching on television.

In particular, The Goonies was a family favorite – likely because my parents saw it on their first baby-less date night after I was born, and every viewing brought back some fun memories for them (I just thought it was a cool movie). I also remember it being the only movie soundtrack that we had on cassette tape and the three of us would rock out to Cyndi Lauper and the Goon Squad on long family car trips. And it didn’t hurt that I thought Francis Fratelli, played by Joe Pantoliano, looked a lot like my dad.  Read More