Goonies Never Say Die

Warner Bros./Amblin

Growing up as a child without cable (I know, we did exist!), there were three recorded-from-television movies in my parents’ collection that quickly made it into my weekend rotation: 1977’s Star Wars, 1985’s The Goonies, and 1986’s Ruthless People. There might have even been a taped copy of 1984’s The Ghostbusters mixed in, but the other three were my standard go-to flicks when there wasn’t anything worth watching on television.

In particular, The Goonies was a family favorite – likely because my parents saw it on their first baby-less date night after I was born, and every viewing brought back some fun memories for them (I just thought it was a cool movie). I also remember it being the only movie soundtrack that we had on cassette tape and the three of us would rock out to Cyndi Lauper and the Goon Squad on long family car trips. And it didn’t hurt that I thought Francis Fratelli, played by Joe Pantoliano, looked a lot like my dad.  Read More

I Won’t Grow Up



For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Arthur. Yes, Arthur… The PBS Kids show about an anthropomorphic aardvark that is perpetually eight-years-old.

It all started back in high school when what was then Disney’s Doug was no longer being run in syndication, and I needed something to watch while I got ready in the morning. Split into two roughly 15-minute halves, Arthur was great for this. I found that if I ate breakfast during the first show and got ready during the second, I was out the door and at school in plenty of time. (Though pledge drives always messed me up!)  Read More

Childhood Favs

Regardless of how old we are, it seems that we all have certain childhood touchstones that make us smile whenever we think of them. They can be books, games, and movies; family meals and memories; or any number of things. What matters most about them is that they mean something to you.

For me, some of my strongest memories as a kid are tied to the books that I read at the time. Or more accurately, stories that I remembered with titles that I didn’t.  Read More

Reading Rainbow

Last Sunday’s PARADE magazine cover story featured LeVar Burton and the “Reading Revolution” he hopes to create for a new generation of children. While I didn’t get a chance to donate to his wildly successful Kickstarter campaign – it topped Veronica Mars with having the most backers, if not receiving the most money too – the article has kept me thinking all week about the impact the original television show had on my life and how much I love to read.  Read More

For the Love of Books

Entry Point for Oxford's Bodleian Library

Entry Point for Oxford’s Bodleian Library

For as long as I can remember, libraries and bookstores have been some of my favorite second homes. As a child, my father would often take me to a downtown bookstore when I came into the office with him, and libraries were quiet places where I could easily while away several hours. Though I love everything about these places – the layout, the organization, the smell of new and old books – I’ve always been predominantly drawn to the infinite amount of adventures that await me on every page!  Read More