Goonies Never Say Die

Growing up as a child without cable (I know, we did exist!), there were three recorded-from-television movies in my parents’ collection that quickly made it into my weekend rotation: 1977’s Star Wars, 1985’s The Goonies, and 1986’s Ruthless People. There might have even been a taped copy of 1984’s The Ghostbusters mixed in, but theContinue reading “Goonies Never Say Die”

I Won’t Grow Up

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fan of Arthur. Yes, Arthur… The PBS Kids show about an anthropomorphic aardvark that is perpetually eight-years-old. It all started back in high school when what was then Disney’s Doug was no longer being run in syndication, and I needed something to watch whileContinue reading “I Won’t Grow Up”

Reading Rainbow

Last Sunday’s PARADE magazine cover story featured LeVar Burton and the “Reading Revolution” he hopes to create for a new generation of children. While I didn’t get a chance to donate to his wildly successful Kickstarter campaign – it topped Veronica Mars with having the most backers, if not receiving the most money too – theContinue reading “Reading Rainbow”