Golden Son


Del Ray

Warning: There are some mild spoilers in this, so proceed at your own risk!

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a bad habit as a reader – I skim ahead. I don’t do it all the time, but I do it often enough that I consciously avoided the impulse to skip forward while reading Pierce Brown’s Red Rising. I was really enjoying the book and didn’t want anything to be spoiled!

The sequel, Golden Son, was a different story. While reading that, when I finished a chapter, I thumbed through the next few pages A LOT. Read More

Red Rising


Del Ray

Warning: There are some mild spoilers in this, so proceed at your own risk!

I follow a number of book-centric accounts on Instagram, many of which seem to be focused on young adult novels, so I’ve seen my fair share of artistic photographs highlighting the books in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy over the years. I had never really looked into his books though, 1) because I am super partial to Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games series and 2) the last time I read something that was hailed as “the next Hunger Games,” I was sorely disappointed.

Then, in December, shortly after my feeds exploded with excitement over Brown’s cover reveal for his next book (the first in a new Red Rising trilogy), I overheard a couple of coworkers talking about their latest reads. Read More

Captain America: Civil War



Captain America: Civil War smashed its way into theaters this weekend and officially kicked off the summer blockbuster season. It also took in $181.8 million dollars and marked the biggest opening weekend for a stand-alone superhero franchise film (though I use that term loosely since the movie was sort of Avengers 2.5). Fittingly, Civil War took this title from 2013’s Iron Man 3 – carrying the “war” between the Marvel behemoths beyond the screen itself.

Like many of our friends, the Mysterious Mr. C and I headed to our local cineplex to check out this latest Marvel feature. But unlike many of our friends, who boasted on social media that Civil War was the best superhero film of all time, I came out of the theater a bit underwhelmed. Read More

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

As a kid, I never really had a problem reading a movie review before actually going to see a film. I had already made my mind up about whether or not I wanted to see a new flick, so neither a good review nor a bad one could sway me. Yet as I’ve started seeing movies with the expectation of reviewing them for the blog, I’ve begun to steer clear of the professional critics, at least until after I’ve had a chance to form my own opinions.

In the case of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, my self-imposed media blackout was in the hope of staving off any possible spoilers before the Mysterious Mr. C and I joined the throngs going to see the sequel. In the case of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice however, it was an attempt to avoid the negativity that seemed to be pouring in from all sides. Read More

GNBC: The Water Knife


Knopf/Oliver Munday

Welcome to the first review post of the GeekyNerdy Book Club!! Last month, I asked you guys if you would be interested in participating in a bi-monthly book club and the response seemed to be fairly positive, so here we are!

Since no one seemed to have a particular preference in terms of fiction or non-fiction, I decided to kick things off with The Water Knife by Paolo Bacigalupi, which my former co-worker J recommended to me. I had been dying to read it ever since he first recommended it to me, so making it the first book club selection was the perfect way to get it off of my “To Be Read” list!  Read More