After watching parts of Captain America: The Winter Soldier a couple of times on Starz this weekend, and seeing a ton of ads letting us know that Lucy was now available on DVD, the Mysterious Mr. C and I decided to make it a ScarJo weekend and check out the Luc Besson thriller. While the premise of the film had always intrigued me – seeing what can happen when a human being unlocks the full potential of their brain – I found the execution to be extremely shoddy.

First of all, we aren’t really given any time to connect with Lucy before she is thrust into the middle of a Taiwanese drug ring and turned into a mule, with a large package of a powerful new drug sewn into her stomach. While her experience is essentially the stuff travel nightmares are made of, we have no real sense of why she is abroad or what she is doing, or really anything that might humanize her. I guess we are just supposed to relate to her fear at being pulled into such a terrifying situation, but I would have liked a little more character development first.  Read More


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Last Wednesday, just hours after I told myself – and you – that I would be using my local library a little bit more, I went out and bought a book at Barnes&Noble. I hadn’t intended on making a personal purchase – I was there to get some Father’s Day presents for my dad – but when I thought of my perhaps-15-minute wait for the Metro, it seemed prudent to grab something for myself too!

As I perused the latest paperback releases, the cover of Mark Barry’s Lexicon caught my eye. And as I read the synopsis on the back, I knew I had found my evening read.

I guess Lexicon could be considered a dystopian thriller, but the world Barry describes is a little subtler than that. Instead of having smoldering ruins everywhere you look, the world seems to be quite similar to how we know it Read More

Night Film

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While I’ve always been an avid reader, most of the books I’ve been purchasing over the last year or so have been work-related. Though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a girl’s gotta make some time for pure pleasure reading as well! Luckily for me, I did just that over the Christmas break with Night Film by Marisha Pessl.

I had wanted to read Night Film since it first came out in August 2013 — the cover always caught my eye when we were in Barnes&Noble and the reviews I read of it were extremely positive — but due to a book-buying moratorium I had placed on myself (I have enough reading material in our apartment to last me a year or two), I decided to wait until it was in paperback or I could check it out of the library. But when the Mysterious Mr. C and I were in our local B&N to pick up some gifts for other people, I broke down and decided to get it as a present to myself. And boy, am I glad that I did!  Read More